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“I’m going through a divorce and need to sell my house fast!”

Going through a divorce can be complicated especially when you share your current home with your now ex spouse. Many couples sell the property they once shared because they wouldn’t be able to afford it alone. Because a home sale happens often during a divorce, both parties usually want a seamless sale without any added stress.

Why Choose To Sell During Divorce?

Authentic HomeBuyer understands how stressful divorce proceedings can be. While deciding to sell can be an emotional and difficult decision, there are several reasons why selling your home during a divorce is a great option. One benefit of selling your property during a divorce is that each spouse has the opportunity to gain profits from the sale. Profits gained from selling the home can provide means to each spouse so they can start over. Furthermore, selling an investment once shared by the couple can help establish closure emotionally and legally.

Couples going through a divorce often need to sell their home because they will no longer be able to afford it on their own after the separation becomes finalized. Sellers can acquire a fair return on investment with the help of Authentic HomeBuyer. We help alleviate the pressure of spending money on property improvements, such as installing new flooring or a heating system. And finally, selling your home during a divorce allows the mortgage to be paid off which relieves both parties of a major financial burden. Whatever reason you choose to sell your property during this trying time Authentic HomeBuyer is there for you.

Preparing To Sell Your Home During A Divorce

You’ve decided to sell your home during your divorce. Before you put your property up for sale, think about an asking price or price range so that you know what’s needed to pay off any debts still owed related to the property. Never try to sell your property during a divorce by yourself since you already have a lot to deal with.

Authentic HomeBuyer helps you by completing an on-site home inspection and then presents you with a fairly written, no-obligation offer letter. This letter outlines what we will pay in CASH for your home. You and your spouse can also benefit from using our services at the same time so that both parties move towards the same goal and work with a team who understands your needs.

Does My House Need Renovations Before It Is Ready to Sell?

Often times, both parties discuss what work still needs to be done before deciding to sell the property. Traditional listings with a real estate agent could take months. Plus, an agent will want major repairs finished before listing the property. After going through inspections and appraisals, you may be required to make repairs before the deal can go through. You’re probably seeking a faster way out. This is where Authentic HomeBuyer comes in. We can make you an all CASH offer with a fast closing usually within 7 days, and with no-repairs to the home needed!

Accepting An Offer

One of the biggest decisions in the sale of your home during a divorce is how much you will ask for it. Discuss your asking price with your ex and settle on a price both of you are comfortable with. If the thought of having this discussion stresses you out and you know you won’t be able to reach an agreement, discuss this with your divorce attorney. If there are disagreements about whether to accept or decline certain offers, seek advice from your attorney.

If you want a fair and fast CASH offer for your unwanted home without having to worry about costly renovations or price negotiations with your spouse, Authentic HomeBuyer can make you an offer within 24 hours. Instead of going through the hassle of finding a buyer you can trust and who won’t take advantage of your situation, you can walk away mortgage-free with CASH in your hands usually in a week.

Get Cash In as Little as 7 Days

Get rid of the headache of that property fast and avoid paying any more utility payments, tax payments, insurance payments, mortgage payments, you get the drill. If you list your house and wait 90+ days to close, you have to figure in all of the costs of holding that property during the time you have that property listed and are waiting for the property to close.

Don’t Worry About Fixing or Cleaning Your House

We don’t care how dirty your house is. Trust us, we have seen worse and we have seen it all! We don’t care how many repairs are needed. Even if you have a complete fixer, we love projects! We buy ugly houses and we buy them fast.

Don’t Worry About Closing Fees. Seriously!

Because we are a full-service professional home buyer here in CA, we pay for all of the closing costs. What we offer you is what you get minus any mortgage payoff or other encumbrances on the property. Pretty refreshing, right? Think of all the time you could save by working with Authentic HomeBuyer, and the money you’ll save on commissions, fees, and holding costs. For many area homeowners going through a divorce, selling to a professional house buyer is the best viable option.

Dividing The Profit From A Home Sale

When it comes time to divide the profit made from the sale of your home, be sure to consider how your state handles property division. The way in which expenses and profits associated with the home are split may vary. For example, if one spouse contributed more to the mortgage or financial upkeep of the house during the marriage, he or she may be awarded a larger portion of the sale. Or, if one spouse is keeping other large assets, more of the profit could be awarded to the other spouse. Your attorney should help you negotiate how proceeds from the home sale should be divided.

Selling A Home During Divorce FAQs

Q: What If My Ex Refuses to Sell?

A: Surprise, surprise! Sometimes an ex will refuse to cooperate when one party wants to sell the home during separation. If your ex cannot afford to give you the profits they forfeit by not wanting to sell their share of the property, then you should consult the advice of a divorce attorney to file a motion with a family law judge. Filing a motion with a family law judge can compel the sale. When you are at odds with your ex during your home sale, it’s important to get an experienced real estate solutions company like Authentic HomeBuyer to manage the transaction and mitigate any added stress.

Q: How Do I Protect My Home Sale During The Divorce?

A: A huge mistake divorcing couples make is allowing personal arguments and emotions get in the way of making a profitable property sale. Even when tensions are high, you need to treat the sale of your home as any other business transaction. Whether you are not in the right state-of-mind to fork up thousands of dollars to fix the place up or you are surrounded with your personal issues, selling your house quickly and easily is possible with Authentic HomeBuyer.

Q: If My Ex Owned The Property Before I Married Them, Am I Entitled to Any Share of The Proceeds?

A: Typically, property obtained before marriage belongs to the person who brought it into the marriage. The other spouse does not have a right to any share of the property sale unless the name of the other spouse was added to the property deed or the property has risen in value due to the other spouse’s efforts. However, answers to this question may vary depending on which state you live in.

Q: Should I Consider Deferred Sale on Behalf of My Children?

A: A deferred sale is an agreement between spouses or an agreement ordered by a court that both parties are not to sell the property for a specified time. Deferring the sale of the home makes sense when you are waiting for the real estate market to change or if your children are still minors and you don’t want to change their living situation.

If you agree to defer the sale of your home during a divorce, you still have to reach an agreement on who will pay the home’s remaining fees. Remaining fees can include but are not limited to the following expenses: property taxes, insurance, maintenance, and mortgage. Deciding who will pay these expenses until the property sells is key.

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