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Selling Your Home In Bakersfield Without an Agent

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December 16th, 2019
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Selling Your Home In Bakersfield Without An Agent

Most real-estate agents will charge you 6% commission which means for a $250,000 home, you have to pay off $15,000 to your agent. You read that correctly. Maybe, you’ll try your hand at being your own agent, right? It is a perfect idea but you need a little more practice and information first. If you are planning to be part of FSBO (for sale by owner) process, you have to be extra careful. From choosing those expensive listings for your home on multiple sites, to putting it on local listings, there will be tons of things to do. But before you start reviewing those websites and other resources, understand what you’re getting into first. At Authentic HomeBuyer, we buy homes in Bakersfield, so we know a thing or two about the real estate process.

Prepare Your Property for Sale

The first step is making your home attractive or sellable. People don’t want to see chipped paint or dirty floors. Instead, they want to see clean, well-kept rooms, and if your property has anything which negatively detracts potential buyers, it can affect your sale. Not only should your rooms be tidy but also your kitchen and bathrooms. Thinking of renovating now? Your budget will have to allow for a cleanup and renovations.

Ask For the Right Price

Once your house appears its best, the next task is to set a realistic price. If required, you can consult the help of an estate agent. The other alternates include conducting market research to know about the prices, inflation, and proper valuations. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can conduct research online and use some impactful tools to evaluate property rates.

Pro tip: You can check on the sold price history and for the future pricing changes.

List Your Property

Now you have to take care of advertising, pricing, and the viewings. You can pick some good, “For sale by owner” websites and follow these steps: 

Write a description: The price is already set and now you’re ready to show buyers your property. Write a few lines about your home. It should be something to help entice buyers to get them through the door. For example, you can mention the interior design updates and much more. Avoid lengthy narratives.

Add good-quality photos: The images you choose to showcase will play a major role in marketing your home. You can promote property by adding its best pictures.

Advertising: Now it’s time to spread your property to the world! Or mainly, via the internet. Facebook and Twitter can be helpful to reach a mass audience. And you cannot overlook the traditional methods such as advertising in your local paper or paying for ad space on television.

We Buy Homes In Bakersfield In Any Condition

Following the tips mentioned above, you can sell your home without an agent. After all, you get to save the commission. However, this will call for lot of homework and can be very frustrating at times. Want a safer option? Look for an investor who can buy your property as-is. The best part is they don’t charge any commissions, while they provide you with CASH in the minimum span of time.

Authentic HomeBuyer is ready to give you a fair CASH offer for your house in Bakersfield, CA and the surrounding areas. Let us buy your CA house now, regardless of its condition. There are no commissions or fees, and you can say goodbye to obligations too! Check out how our process works here.

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“We recently sold our home using Authentic HomeBuyer and we are very pleased with this company. Jeet was professional and communicative throughout the entire process. We could not have asked for a better experience.” – Elliott Smith

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“Jeet was very helpful and kept us informed throughout the entire process. Made us a fair offer and closed on time.” – Christi Hill