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Moving Out of State and Need to Sell Your Property Fast? You’ve Come to The Right Place.

“I’m moving out of state this weekend but I still own property here. What do I do?”

Did you just land a new job? Have you decided to pack up all your things and move to the state you always dreamed of living in? Maybe your family, who lives in another state, needs you closer so you’ve decided to move fast? Whatever your reason for moving out of state is, you’ll certainly have all kinds of new opportunities coming your way! To focus on the move and why you’re moving, you will want to make selling your property as easy as possible especially if you’re on a tight schedule if, say, your new boss wants you to start soon.

No doubt you have a lot to do in a short amount of time so it’s imperative that you outline what you need to do early on and stay on top of those tasks. If it all this becomes too overwhelming for you, we have an easy alternative that has helped countless homeowners who are also moving out of state. If you know for certain that you want to sell your home in preparation for your big move, there are two ways you can get this done:

The Traditional Way Homeowners Prepare to Sell Their Homes Before They Move Out of State

Let’s look at the traditional steps many homeowners take to sell their homes as they prepare to move out of state:

Find a Real Estate Agent

If you know people you can trust in your neck of the woods who just sold their property, they might be able to recommend you a reliable real estate agent. Because you will want a responsible and experienced agent by your side. They will be handling a lot for you in a short amount of time, seeing as you have to move! If you don’t find the right person, it can cost you a lot of money if they do a poor job or simply can’t execute the home sale fast enough.

When you decide on an agent, talk about your expectations with them. Do you agree with them on the timeline of the expected sale? Do you agree with the sale price they chose?

Many agents recommend higher prices which can cause your property to sit on the market, unsold, for months longer than you anticipated all while you have to be in another state for a commitment you made. Can you feel the stress already mounting?

Hire a Home Inspector

Hiring a home inspector is often recommended by real estate agents. And most potential buyers out there will hire their own inspector too to make sure they are buying a house in good condition from you. You, as the seller, do not want to find out right before a sale occurs that there’s a ton of problems that need fixing. Problems discovered will cause buyers to renegotiate their initial offer or will lose interest in your property altogether, which will cost you more money and time.

You might think your house is decent but prepare for the worst. An inspection might uncover an issue that will make your house nearly impossible to sell without spending a ton of money on the property first. Who wants to take the time to do all of that when you need to be on a plane with your bags packed? Who wants to meet a buyer’s needs all before you relocate to a new state and have your own worries to think about? What a headache!

Make Repairs

Even though you do not have the time to make all the repairs requested by your agent, you cave in and hire either a contractor or someone you trust to work on your property in preparation for the sale. This will cost you so much money that selling at a higher price doesn’t really give you much of a profit. If you choose to repair your property yourself, think of all the time you now need to spend at the hardware store, buying tools and supplies while juggling the other things you need to do before you move like packing. For most people moving out of state, this option isn’t viable at all!

Clean Your Property

Let’s say you somehow extended your move out date and you were able to complete all the above steps too. Surprise, surprise! You still need to do more. Your agent will tell you to set the stage in your home to sell it to buyers. Yup. This means scrubbing toilets, dusting windowsills, and mopping floors. Doing all of this while preparing yourself to move to another state can get really complicated. Who actually wants to do all of this? There MUST be a better, simpler way!

A Simpler Way to Sell Your Home With Authentic HomeBuyer

Did all the above steps make your head spin and your heart race? We get it! It’s simply too much for many people who want to sell their homes and are relocating to another state fast. There is a much SIMPLER and FASTER way to sell your house. When you sell to Authentic HomeBuyer, you can do it in as little as 7 DAYS!

Authentic HomeBuyer can often make you a fair cash offer. Best of all, you are NEVER obligated to sell to us or accept our CASH offer. But if you do accept our offer, you can have the cash in hand in as little as a week and forget about the rest. No Real Estate Agent fees. No Inspector fees. No Contractor fees. No repair fees. No cleaning fees. Enjoy all that saved money and time with Authentic HomeBuyer by your side.

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All offers are made based on the information you provide so it is very important that you fill out the form completely and accurately, so we can provide you with the most realistic purchase price for your home. If you have any additional questions regarding the process or to discuss your home sale, feel free to call me on my cell at 661-505-9005.