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Kern County Housing Market Trends By Area

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January 21st, 2020
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Kern County Housing Market Trends By Area

Housing prices in California’s Central Valley have attracted folks who live on the West Coast. Why? Kern County’s cities offer inexpensive home prices compared to the rest of the Golden State’s high dollar real estate. Lately, the median home value in Kern County was reported at about $228,996 while the median home value in Los Angeles was a whopping $625,000 in 2019. How does Kern County’s housing market compare in relation to the rest of California? Let’s examine some of the housing market trends in California’s Central region.

Ridgecrest, CA Homeowners Grapple With Foreclosures

According to, the median home value in Ridgecrest CA is a staggeringly low $192,400. Still, Ridgecrest property values went up about 3.7% over the past year. Furthermore, Zillow predicts these property values will rise by 8.4% within the next year. With rising costs on the horizon, why haven’t property values in this area risen to the level of other coastal regions in California? One factor might be foreclosures.

Foreclosures could become a significant issue impacting property values for Ridgecrest residents. Reports claim that 1.1 homes are foreclosed per 10,000 properties. This is greater than the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario Metro value of 1.0.

Homeowners in the Ridgecrest area are also failing to make their mortgage payments, leaving some desperate homeowners dealing with mortgage delinquency. As foreclosures harm families around the U.S., Ridgecrest is dealing with residents who are late on their mortgage payments by 13.9%, which is higher than in many areas.

Authentic HomeBuyer Wants Your Foreclosed Property

If you are a Ridgecrest homeowner who has a property that is about to go into foreclosure, Authentic HomeBuyer can help you during this unfortunate process. Time is crucial during foreclosure. Most homeowners need cash fast before the bank forecloses on their property. Many homeowners find that they simply do not have the time to list their property with an agent. Fewer homeowners have the time and monetary means to prepare their home to sell it themselves.

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Rosamond, Ca Becomes Buyer’s Market

In other cities within Kern County, as of December 2019, the housing market in Rosamond, CA, is a buyer’s market. This data means that there are more properties for sale than there are buyers. If you live in Rosamond, and you’re one of the many residents trying to sell your unwanted property but you have to compete with other sellers, contact Authentic HomeBuyer today! We can take your unwanted home off your hands for you. That way, you don’t have to worry about competing against other, for-sale homes in your area. We’ll take care of all the costs so you can sell your property FAST.

Are You a Kern County Resident Facing These Problems?

  • Experiencing foreclosure?
  • Own an unwanted rental property?
  • Want to avoid paying realtor fees?
  • Have little or no equity and need to sell?
  • Having difficulty attracting buyers?
  • Own an ugly house that you don’t have the finances to beautify?

We Help You Despite Housing Market Trends

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