Top 5 Popular Haunted Houses in California

What if it is said that in the United States alone more people believe in haunted houses than they believe that the living can cause climate change! No, it is not a scary Halloween story. But different polls results have proved this.

Well the Gallup poll found that nearly 37% of Americans believe their houses to be haunted. On the contrary, recently the Pew poll shows a severe drop in the percentage of Americans who believe in the solid evidence of that rising global temperatures, from 47% down to only 36%. And that’s not all!

You might not find any scientific evidence of a ghost’s presence, but they do exist in people’s mind. Around one-in-five U.S. adults say they’ve seen or been in the presence of a ghost. The most interested fact is that a large number of Americans are interested or say, open to buy a haunted house. Yes, 26 percent were found open to purchase a haunted home and 36 percent said that they might consider doing the same.

In all, it can be summed up that home buyers are interested in haunted houses, in one or the other way. Certainly, California is not an exception. The ghostly abodes here are highly popular. Let’s take a tour of some of them;

The Madrona Manor 


Situated in Healdsburg, it is an abode which offers a ghostly stay in California’s wine country. As far as the stories concerned, this manor is believed to be haunted by benign spirits. And the good thing is that these have never spooked anyone too badly. Besides the one story, where the guest woke up to see a woman wearing a long black dress, standing next to his bed. She then sat in a chair and when being asked by the guest, what she wanted, the woman disappeared suddenly. In few other stories, guests have reported misplacement of their belongings to unexpected places.

Jean Harlow’s Westwood Home


Just imagine your dogs following, growling and barking at something in the upstairs bedrooms suddenly. That’s horrifying, isn’t it? Same was the case with the new owners who moved in the film legend Jean Harlow’s Westwood home. She rented the same in the early ’30s. The woman who lived here also said that she heard the whispering voice, saying “Please help me” outside the master bedroom. Later, reports of hearing a woman sobbing and experiencing other ghostly manifestations were found common.

The Robert Louis Stevenson House

Owned and run by Manuela Giradin, this haunted was once a residence of her entire family in Monterey. They died of typhoid fever in the late 1800s. There started the legend of Manuela Giradin’s haunting the house, reliving the last few weeks of her life. A number of incidents are common during the first three weeks of December. It includes the smell of carbolic acid, a chair that rocks itself, sickroom disinfectant, and even the sight of Maneula, dressed up in a black gown.

 Sacramento’s Stanford House

Though it is now a state park, this was built back in 1857 by Leland Stanford. It was in 1883 when Leland’s son died of typhoid fever. It is believed that the grieved father was visited by his son’s ghost. This incident is reported shortly afterward the son’s death. It is said that the ghost comforted him and also requested to build a university for young men. And now you all know it as Stanford University.

The Nelson Haunted House


It was cancer who made Ozzie Nelson leave the world. The famous star of ’50s and ’60s TV is said to still haunt this home. The family members have seen him walking around the house several times. Also, apparently in the mid-’90s footsteps around the house were reported by a painter. While he was painting he saw someone inspecting his work. It was a misty ghost floating next to him!

So, these were some of the most haunted houses in the state of California. What you have to say about these? Or have you been the victim of a haunting, share your views and experiences in the comment sections below.

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