The Real Life Stories of Tenants Harassing Landlords: Beware!

You might have come across several property harassment cases. Generally, you will observe, maximum of those will be about the landlords harassing their tenant in one way or the other. Isn’t it?

But, not always! Things can turn around, and tenants can be problematic for the homeowners. If it appears to be a bit surprising, then read on the three real life stories here. And yes, these are not meant to horrify you, but to make you ‘aware’.


A landlord once rented his home to a family of four (husband, wife and their two kids). Everything was perfect in the first 6 months; they were paying each installment on time. However, all of a sudden, things started changing and the couple failed in paying rent on time.

Though they were not causing any other problem to the landlords and were maintaining all aspects of the agreement, yet the late installments were a matter of concern. A month passed, and landlords being generous avoided any strict action. However, in the next month, when the owner warned them about the agreement, the wife (tenant) reacted in a very odd manner. She baffled up and hit her child badly. After realizing what she did, she rushed to the hospital for immediate medication for the kid.

Next day, she came to the landlord with a different explanation for the question- why they were late in paying rent? And the reason was that she was planning to get a divorce from her husband. Now she wasn’t able to afford the rent all alone. Now the landlord was in a fix. If asked to leave the home, she’ll be homeless.

Certainly, the situation was harassing and traumatic for owner, what you say?


Coming to the second story, it is about a landlord who experienced sexual harassment. As usual, the landlord and tenant signed a contract, and everything was good.

The landlord was a young man living all alone in the house. Hence, the tenant was the only second person to be present in the home. He usually entered house late, but that wasn’t a big problem for the owner. The problem arose when he came drunk one night. Realizing the same, landlord warned him for future. The tenant apologized and requested to let him sleep in the hall that night. To this, he was allowed and both of them slept together in the hall.

While the owner was asleep, he felt something happening wrong. And to his surprise, it was the tenant touching him with wrong intentions. Despite of repeated warnings, the tenant continued with his activities, which made the landlord realized that he was gay./p>

This was no less than a shock for householder. Things went worse when he tried harassing the landlord over and over again. And when asked to leave the house, he wasn’t ready to do so. The reason being, he was paying and fulfilling other conditions in agreement on time. Just imagine how life- threatening situations can be for the owners!


It is about an old couple staying in Palmdale. They were all alone in the home, and thus decided to rent one portion to someone. Soon they found a lady tenant, who was single and working. Unlike other stories, nothing went good in the beginning. She used to arrive late, listen to loud music, most of the time a couple of friends accompanied her, and so on. In all, she was causing a lot of problem.

Above all, she failed to pay the complete amount. Every time she came up with some or the other excuse. Finally, the homeowners asked her to leave. And to this, her reaction was really embarrassing. She growled at the couple and assaulted them. But this wasn’t sufficient. She shifted to a new place next morning, leaving all the stuff at old couple’s home in broken state. Lights, curtain rods, machines, and many more things were now useless and damaged.

The couple was so much in fear that they decided not to go for tenants again.

Last note;

Remember, an argument or disagreement between a tenant and landowner is not a type of harassment. But, in any case, if the activities or the language used by either party turns troublesome, then you need to make a move.

To avoid such situation, you must inquire thoroughly about the person or family before renting them. Your awareness ensures your safety!

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