Now Selling a House With Pets Becomes Easy!

Dog is said to be human’s best friend. But when it comes to the people in America, not only dog, they are fond of cats immensely.

Pet 6 in 10 Americans own pet. Among pet owner, 73% own a Dog and 49% own a cat. 68% to 18% preference among those who own neither
Dog 44% of Americans Own a Dog. Dogs tend to live with their owners without other canine companions Most Dog Owners, around 59% have just 1 Dog. By a 70% to 20% margin, Americans describe themselves as Dog Lovers.
Cat On the other hand, 29% of Americans own a cat. cats are a bit more likely to share their owner’s home with fellow felines while cat owners are as likely to have multiple cats (51%) Only pet owners with a cat and no dogs routinely call themselves “cat people” (69% to 26%).
Others 10% of Americans own a Fish, 5% own birds, snakes and reptiles, 2% owns Lizards, another 2% holds Horses and 1% have rabbits as their pets.


The above stated stats are sufficient to explain the love American people have for their pets. But do you know that advertising a home for sale can turn more difficult when you have cats or dogs? Experts believe that among the top 10 worst home-showing offenses, having a pet holds a significant place.

Yes, this might surprise you, but the fact is that owning a pet can significantly reduce your home’s value. There are different reasons behind this. While some home buyers are allergic to cat fur, others are not appealed by the idea of visiting a zoo. Hence, those scratches, claw signs, animal fur, hairballs, pet- odor, etc. in your home can simply make a smart homebuyer evidence of pets while walking through your home.

It is understood that you deeply love your pets, and therefore allow them to be a part of your home. But if you want to ensure that you get the highest final sale price, it is a must to properly stage your property, creating an illusion that you are not a pet owner. Along this, eliminating the signs of the destruction caused by your animals is necessary too.

Temporarily Relocate: This is the best and easiest thing you can do to get a good number of dollars. It is not that you have to cage your dog or cat. Just start searching for a friend or family member who is comfortable in living with your loving animal.

Keep Your Pets Out During Showing Time: If you are a true pet lover, and cannot survive without, make sure that at least when showing the property for sale, remove them from your home. Actually, having a pet in the house or yard create complications. It keeps your pet at risk of accidentally coming out of its kennel during the process. Or what if your dog bites the potential buyer? Your deal ends certainly!

Fix The Damage: Pets usually destroy your furniture, hardwood flooring, carpets, turf in your yard, walls, doors, and even your fence. Certainly, pet damage is never attractive.  Hence, it has to be repaired prior to the showing process. It might require some investment, which can vary as per the damage caused. If the animal has damaged expensive items, and you are incapable of getting the repair done, look for someone who buy your house in ‘as-is’ condition.

Make it odorless and stain-free:

There are good chances that you are now used to the pet smell. But for the new visitors to your home, it will not take much time to notice the different smell. Don’t let this happen. Make sure you get that urine odor removed. Similarly, for the stains your animal has caused to your carpet and flooring, get them professionally cleaned.

A clean yard:

That messy backyard is enough to explain that you have a pet at home. And then the damage which these lovely animal causes are the telltale of their existence. This one is specifically a case with the home owners who give their pets a free reign of the backyard. No doubt, it is essential and great for your dogs and cats, but it is not good for the look of your lawn. Hence, when it comes to selling a home with pets, don’t forget to amend the yard.

While you are concerned to sell your home, it is necessary to discuss your animal’s need with a veterinarian. It is more important when your pet is older, as it would be difficult to adjust well to the changes. Don’t let the selling of your home become stressful for the pet as well.

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