“I Met Ghost!” Real Ghost Encounters at Bakersfield’s Haunted Places


Moving objects, shadows, spirit possession, and unexplained screams may seem the screenplay of any horror movie. But these creepy things have actually happened at several places in Bakersfield. From school to the hospital, there are many buildings in the city which are believed to be haunted. According to the locals, these are housed by the spirits of those who were either killed or committed suicide there. Here, we’ve compiled ghostly places in Bakersfield with real stories raising your goose bumps.

Central Park Canal, Mill Creek:

Bakersfield’s Central Park at Mill Creek is one of the haunted sites in Bakersfield.

“I saw a woman in the white robe just before dawn. She was weeping and then quickly disappeared when I approached her,” said Mr. Philip, a local shop owner in his sixties. Like Mr. Philip, you come across many residents who have a similar story to tell. Locals say that the lady in a white robe was murdered near the park and her body was hidden beneath the floorboards at the foundry. Her remains were discovered by the workers after few days when they dug into the floor. What was her name, why she was killed or who was her murderer is still a mystery till date. “Her spirit was wandering,” sighed Philip.

Haberfelde Building:

Haberelde Building is 5 stories low rise building at Chester Avenue and attracts attention with its beautiful art deco architectural style. But the building is plagued by paranormal activities as stated by the locals. Many people have claimed that they have heard woman’s scream coming out from the building. While those living inside the building have sighted unexplained switching off lights and experienced presence of somebody when they are alone. Many of them have spotted an old man strolling in storage areas and the basement.

However, Mr. John Sarad, the building’s owner flatly declines all these claims.

Bakersfield High School:

Bakersfield High School dates back to 1890s and is counted among most reputed schools in Bakersfield. Besides being a big stars’ alma mater, the school is known as one of the haunted locations in Bakersfield. From spotting a disappearing man to slamming of theater’s door on its own, there are many spookier tales built around the school. Many people including teachers and students have confirmed the strange and weird sounds and sightings over the years.

A staff member’s experience goes like that–“That foggy night I was driving back to the campus for some reasons. Most of the staff was either back to home or had rest at their apartments. Yeah, you can say I was lonely over there. I spotted a girl in a prom dress and a boy wearing a football letter sweater at the top row of bleachers. I rushed there but nobody was to be seen. I was so scared and ran back.” The school auditorium, Harvey Auditorium is said to be haunted by the ghost of a workman who was killed during the construction.

The former receptionist at BHS said that she used to hear file cabinet opening and closing when no one was in the room. It is said that the school has built on the location of Kern General Hospital, which buried its dead bodies at where the school’s Quad is today.

The Padre Hotel:

The Padre Hotel has its own share of the city’s spookier tales. Built in 1928, the hotel is said to be haunted by the giggling young girl; people who jumped off its roof and victim who were killed in fire outbreak on the 7th floor.

Jessica Neeley, a hotel sales manager, says,” Several of the housekeepers have said when they are up here vacuuming the floors or working, they’ll feel a presence and they’ll look and they’ve seen a little girl in 1920’s or 30’s clothing with a hat and gloves resting on the banister and watching them.,”

“When I tried to catch her and she ran and turned into a fog like appearance”, said one of the hotel employees. The girl leaves her handprint on a wooden panel which pops up every time in spite of painting and sanding.

So, these are the haunted places in Bakersfield with some real spookier experiences. But there may be many more haunted places in the city which are still unknown including the one where you’re right now, sitting back and reading this article.

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