How to Sell Your House While Dealing with Bad Neighbors?

Planning to sell your home? Even if it is in a good condition there are good chances that you might fail to get a profitable deal.

Sell Home in Bad Neighborhood

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Isn’t it scary?
But it is true. And if you have been living with a myth that external factors will not affect the value of your home, you need to give it a second thought. No doubt keeping your property in tip-top condition and hiring an agent can be helpful. But that doesn’t assure that you will have no problem selling it at or above the listing price.

A bad neighbor can make selling your home in California a struggle…

When planning for sale, you cannot forget about the neighbors. Rude and lousy neighborhood has proved to be a considerable factor in the dropping value of your home.

Do you know it can pull down your property’s values as much as 10%?

Hence, to ensure that you sell your Bakersfield home quickly, you need to think for some quick fixes to solve the problem of inconsiderate neighbors. How?

Below are listed top solutions which will prove to be helpful in dealing with different problems you face with bad neighbors.

An Overshadowing Lawn:

Sometimes the problem is with an overgrown lawn in neighborhood. In several cities, there are guidelines to care for grass and debris and thus, you can demand a cleanup. But what if it is not an option?

In such as case, you can have a talk with the neighbor, offer them help to cut down the grass and make it tidier. Certainly, it is not your responsibility, but it is important. After all, it adds glory to your property too and will help selling your home in California for top dollar.

A Hectic Hoarder:

There are some people who always ponder to store things. It can be anything ranging from broken glasses to old cars, bikes, etc. And then they fill both, indoor and outdoor, with that stuff. You neighbor falls in the same category?

Definitely, it is not easy to change their habit sooner. But you can convince or offer him to buy or hire a cheap shed to store all the junk. You might be thinking why spend a few hundred dollars for this, right? You need to know that it could be worth it to make more money on your home sale. As you need to put your home for selling, you can even help clear it all up.

An Obnoxious/ Dangerous Neighborhood:

Don’t be afraid of handling those people who don’t like you much or are in wait of something to cause you a problem. Surely, it can be a tough situation but if addressed adequately it can be sorted out. The first move can be having a peaceful conversation with them. But if that doesn’t work, you need to check for the rules in your area.

For example, if he or she is verbally abusive or threatening, you need to contact your local police department to discuss the issue. And if they found person making you truly uncomfortable, they will help you out.

A Foreclosure Property:

What if a bank owns an empty house next to yours? There are good chances of having it in unmaintained form, right? Generally, the bank is required to maintain it. From basic level of attention, maintaining the landscape to keep vagrants out, there is a lot they need to do, varying from place to place. Yes, the rules might vary, depending on where you live, however, you must make an effort and ask them to do it.

So, if dealing with a troublesome neighbor has been a daunting task, you now know what to do. Hence, before you put your home, right up there for selling, make sure you have a pleasant and peaceful neighborhood.

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