How to Sell Your Haunted Home in California?

Ghosts and Ghouls sound good in the Halloween season, isn’t it?

Even the haunted houses can make a great tourist attraction. But what if you had to live in a haunted place?

Haunted House California

Will you buy a home with spooky history?

Of course, NOT!

So, when it comes to selling a home with ‘Haunted’ tag attached, things can turn difficult for the seller. Yes, the majority of estate agents believe that such a home can lose up to 20% of its value. And that’s not all, it can be twice as difficult to sell compared to a normal property.

Thus, whether you believe in the existence of ghosts or not, you can be a sufferer, if your property is associated with a ghosted past. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot get a good price for your home. Below you will find some helpful ideas to proceed in the direction of selling a ghostly home.

But before that, you need to know something more important…

Don’t Dare To Ignore The Law!

Do you believe your house is haunted? And worse, the new owner can be in danger? You need to learn about the laws concerned. Yes, it is essential to first check what laws are on the books. Generally, these are different for every state.

Around 20 states, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, have laws which state that sellers won’t be held liable for failing to mention that 20 years earlier a wife stabbed her husband. Similarly, in Oklahoma, you need to give in writing if the house is haunted or psychologically affected. And in the same manner, there are laws which require the potential prospects be notified.

So, here are some useful tips to help you proceed with the selling process:

Ensure about the paranormal activities first

Do you hear some funny noises or observe shadows? Ok, that’s fine! But that doesn’t prove your home to be haunted, right?

Following some scary movies out there, people ‘create’ a ghost even when it doesn’t exist. Hence, it is first essential to check for the sound and shadows, from where they come and when they happen. Might be it is due to presence of some birds on your roof or a loose pipe, and the shadow may appears when a car passes by.

So, it not a paranormal problem at all! In such a case, all you need to do is get those ‘live’ spirits and demons out of your place. Get the repairs done and it is solved.

Try ‘Ghost busters’, if you are sure

For the homeowners who are sure about the existence of GHOST in their home, why not bring in someone to “clear” the space? Yes, you can seriously consider calling someone to get the ghosts out. There are ghost busters who are believed to communicate with spirits and can please them to move out your space.

Additionally, even if you don’t believe in ghosts, but are hearing those peculiar noises, it is not a bad idea calling such a person. Actually, it will help ensuring your prospective buyer that there are no such things in the home currently.

Advertise smartly; it might help

Do you there are people who are highly interested in buying paranormal and ghost-haunted homes? Hence, it is all about finding someone who loves and dare to live in such a place.

And you don’t need to assume that it will hurt the value of your home always. You might get someone who is ready to pay more for a haunted location. Just make sure you advertise things smartly.

Lastly, if you still face difficulties in selling your haunted home in California, you can count on Authentic Homebuyers. We buy your spooky home in As-Is condition.

Neither you have to worry for the repairs, nor is it required to clean. Call us today and get a free quote in next 24 hours!

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