How Essential Oils Help You Sell Your Home?

Imagine this scenario…

A homebuyer steps into your home and is welcomed by strong odors caused by pets, rodents, stale foods, moisture, foul smell and sewage gas. He will have no option but to leave your property, no matter how fantastic a location is or how cheaper the home is.

Essential Oils to sale your home

So, scenting up your home is as essential as decorating and cleaning to make it well prepared for a buyer’s visit. In simple words, fragrances can help you sell your home fast.

Fragrances can increase the sales as they freeing up customer’s mind to focus on the buying, according to Washington State University. The study further stated that using the basic fragrances like lemon and orange can be effective.

Fragrances not only kick out the odor, but also create a positive atmosphere around. In this way, they make buyers feel good about a property and they will view your house and its features optimistically.

Why Choose Essential Oil to Scent Up Your Home to Be Sold?

Essential oils are naturally distilled from plants and thus release more natural fragrances. Unlike candles, incense sticks and deodorizer, they release subtle and relaxing fragrance that is not too strong and polarizing.

How to Choose the Right Essential Oil?

Choose the fragrances that invite the home buyers, instead of distracting their buying ability to make a decision. Here we have listed up the best essential oil you can use.


Citrus fragrances like lemons and oranges smell fresh and stay for longer. Such scents promote relaxation and calmness.


Using scented herbs essential oil creates refreshing and familiar atmosphere. Some of the best scents in this category are rosemary, thyme and basis.


Using vanilla essential oil will make the environment feel cozy and inviting.


Rosemary essential oil has stimulating properties that release stress and fatigue.


Peppermint essential oil promotes concentration and clear thinking as well.


Lavender essential oil contains calming properties that drive away emotional stress and relax your mind.

 How to Use Essential Oils To Sell A Home?

Some people burn essential oil to release fragrance. Besides, essential oils are mixed with water for spraying. The best and easy way to use them is diffuser. A diffuser diffuses the essential oils into mists, dispersing the oils into the air efficiently.

Apart from that, make sure to do these things to make the maximum of your essential oils:

  • Clean your home before using the scents
  • Remove the causes of bad odors like stale food and pets
  • Use simple and refreshing scent
  • Choose the scent that reflects your environment—like pine fragrance for the home near the woods or lemon fragrance for the home near the beach. Similarly, you can use cedar essential oil for an interior with wooden beams and walls.
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