Sell Your Home in California

3 Big Challenges That Home Buyers Face in California

Are you looking to buy a home in California? It is quite stressful due to several issues like insufficient deposits, deadlines, and the condition of the property. Sometime you don’t have sufficient cash to purchase a home or the condition of a home turns you down. Here we have come up with such issues you … Continued

5 Landlord Tips for Managing the Rental Property

Managing a property is a challenging task, especially if you are a new landlord. From handling a dispute with a tenant, dealing with the lawsuit and late rent payments, a landlord is likely to be troubled by many things. In this profession, it is always better to prevent the issues before they occur. How? All … Continued

How Change in Season Can Affect Your Property Business?

You might have noticed that property selling and buying activities are on the peak during spring and summer. But when it comes to winter, you have low sales due to unavailability of customers or properties. It means that weather and the time of the year have a huge impact on the housing market. So, no … Continued

A 2016 – Yearly Roundup Of Real Estate Market In Bakersfield

Different from the California’s competitive coastal markets, Bakersfield real estate is steadier and normally less prone to wild fluctuations. The prices of the property are 5% higher than a year prior as of May 2016, while the yearly increment of the state is 6%-11%. Right on time in the spring selling season, Bakersfield home sales … Continued

I Am Jobless, Need To Sell My Home In California

Are you running shortage of money when you don’t have any job to survive? Worry not! Here is the example of a person named steward in California, who with the help of Authentic Homebuyer sell his home when he was jobless; Steward Johns, the only son of his parents was living with his full family … Continued