8 Tips to Let Your Landscape Add More Value to Your Home

What will you prefer, a home with a garden or without one?

Of course, a tidy and green space around your property pleases your eyes and it is great for the environment. But do you know that it increases your property value too?

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Stats state that trees increase value. It was found in a research that broad-leafed trees located on a street verge in front of a home boost the median property price. Also, in a research conducted by Michigan University it was concluded that a good landscape design, which comprise of plant type, size and design, adds up to the home prices, around 5 to 11 per cent.

Definitely, landscaping is the first thing to attract potential buyers. Hence, one this is pretty clear that when you need to sell your home in California and want the best possible prices for your property without investing much in home improvement, adding a garden will be helpful.

No, that doesn’t mean you need to hire a group of gardeners right now. Below are listed some essential tips to be followed for better landscaping, have a look:

Strategize with a smart design

Certainly, you seek excellent return on investment with landscaping. Thus, you have to look for a perfect strategy. It is not always about cluttering the entire yard with those high-maintenance plantings. Sometimes having plain grass with little or no landscaping can do wonders to your home. On the other hand a garden full of plant diversities might bring that appealing factor. It will depend on various factors what you choose, and what you leave.

Trees are always great options

Believe it or not, planting a few simple trees can help creating an enormous difference to the sale price of your home. You might be surprised to know that living on a tree-lined street can make a difference around 10 to 15 percent to the sale prices. While these amazing creatures help reducing carbon dioxide and pollution from the air, buyers are too fond of eco-friendly homes. Few other reasons to plant trees;

  • Helps reducing air conditioning costs
  • Their shade helps keep your home and surrounding cooler
  • Offer a more pleasant and greener look
  • Being stress reliever, tress let the owners relax in their shade

Planting the plants

If there is no space to grow big trees, you have cooler option- plants. You can use them to address your property’s shortfalls. These might not be able to create a full visual barrier, but it will be a bonus for the buyers, and they will find your home worth buying. Now which plants to choose? For this you can either talk to your local garden centre or call up a gardener for expert advice.

De-clutter the number of species

By making it green never means to encourage the diversity among your plantings. Even minimizing the number of plant species and having a more uniform look in your garden can make your garden appear easier to maintain. Remember, for an ideal landscape you need to have good mixture of shrubs and perennials. You don’t need to be too dogmatic and restrict your choices. Try to make it interesting with less plant diversity.

Lay down lawn edges

Don’t forget to mow and edge your lawn. Reason being, edging makes a yard look tamed and restrained. So, the buyer will be relieved to know that it requires lower maintenance and this becomes a popular selling point. Moreover, it is the easiest thing you can do. Just using a sharp spade you can cut to create a neat separation between your lawn and garden bed. You can pick physical barrier like steel, brick or stone, if required.

Keep seasonal balance

This is seriously important! A potential buyer won’t be impressed with a profusion of spring blooms during the other time of the year. Hence, you need to be attentive and plan to make your landscape attractive all year. Undoubtedly, you can add blooming bulbs for spring, but don’t miss out the annual beds which flourish all around the year. Another good choice can be those shrubs with brightly colored leaves.

Pick a suitable match

When choosing a landscape for your home, make sure it goes well with your property’s style. It will be clearer with an example- if you own a modern style home, match it with a more modern landscape including plenty of greenery and natural-looking beds. Similarly, for a Victorian home, go for a cottage-style landscape that fit the contours of your property ideally.

Light up your landscape

Though this is an addition tip, but it can be a good way to welcome the buyers who visit your property in evening. Having tasteful lighting paints will help you highlighting your landscape and attracting guests to your home. While lights will make your home feel homier, you can think of trying your hands on these.

With landscaping it becomes easy to increase your property’s value quickly. Hence, add a gorgeous landscape design and get started today itself!

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