8 Surprising Ways to Make Your Home Buyer Friendly

Whether you are doing it for the first time or have dealt with the problems of selling a house in past, one thing is clear- the process is not a simple one. This is not to put you in fear, but to gear you for the future in advance.

While the high prices hold back for homes in California, it is the right time to sell your property. Do you know a 5% rise has been observed in the number of house sales across the region? Moreover, the home values have gone up to 7.0% in the past year and the world of real estate expects the trend to continue this year too. Hence, you don’t need to hold on the idea of selling house, instead you need dwell for some exclusive ideas to make it impressive enough to get the right price.

Below are stated some tips and solution to make your home just a little more appealing, have a look:

Cleanliness is the Secret Weapon

Often buyers are more adamant about a clean home and this could be a perfect way to impress them. Of course, no one would like to buy a dirty house with those old and dusty spider’s web hanging around. Though you have been keeping it clean throughout your stay, it is still advised to go for a deep cleaning process when you plan to sell your home. The best thing is that you need not spend much on this.

Keeping Pets Away

Are you a pet lover? That’s pretty cool! But do you know selling a home with pets might turn difficult for you? Yes, reason being, not all buyers are fond of these innocent animals. In fact, some are seriously against having dogs and cats around their home. Hence, for you, it is essential to remove the pet odors and pets, both, before a buyer steps in. Along this, you must remove pet stains from your home and the backyard.

De-Clutter the Space

Do you know that presence of excessive clutter can make your home look dirty and small? Certainly, you don’t want any of these to happen. To score good on selling points it is essential to de-clutter your space, removing all the unwanted stuff. This will be a big deal for those who are any kind of collector. Another problem could be placing the significant amount of things safely. In such a case, you can consider getting a storage unit for your stuff. Avoid placing it in your basement, garage, or attic. Your aim should be making your home feel more spacious, and believe it will do wonders.


Landscaping can be Considered

The buyers will first come across the exterior of your home. Hence, you cannot let the first impression to be a bad one, right? To increase your curb appeal, it is advised first to remove the clutter from the exterior space and the best thing you can do is think of landscaping. You don’t need to go overboard with the landscaping, but adding some plants can help increase a home’s value.


Start fixing Small Things

Believe it, working on the small bugaboos is one of the smartest things you can do to your property. While it helps you making your home impressive for the buyers, it will not affect your budget too. So, without breaking the bank you can check for simplest changes. It can be a broken doorknob which needs to be changed, or dead spots in the lawn which you have to remove. It is basically about polishing your home through little repairs, removing the tiny imperfections which could else put a potential buyer away or degrade the value of your property.

A Neutral Touch

While there are ways to sell your property in As- Is condition, but still if you are thinking to invest some amount in remodeling, painting the walls can be considered. Remember, you are doing it for selling your house. Hence, being personalized will never be a good idea. If you seriously want to appeal as many buyers as possible, go fairly neutral. Pick buyer friendly colors or neutral shades. While these appear pleasant to eyes, it multiplies the chances of sale.

Check for Lighting

Truly, lighting and fixtures play an essential role in improvising a property’s appearance. Just making some simple changes to the lighting pattern, you can really change the feel of a home. Generally, buyers are fond of a naturally lighted space, and it makes your home look bigger as well. In case, your space lacks natural brightness, you can update the light fixtures for more vibrant and more contemporary appeal.

No Personal Elements

That wall full of family photos, or the porcelain doll collection, which has been the focal point of your living space might not appeal a buyer. If you are among those homemakers who have been spending too much in personalizing your space, you need to change, at least when you are trying to sell it. Reason being, getting too personalized makes it difficult for the potential buyers to imagine living in the home and hence, pushing them away. Minimize personalization and let the buyer envision living there.

These were some of the best ideas which would neither take much of your time nor put a hole in your pocket. Have some different suggestion help selling a home; do share in the comment section below. You might be able to get someone the right cost!

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