5 Things Real Estate Agent Want You to Know About Selling Home

When it comes to selling a home, the first thing you do is to approach a real estate agent. After all, real estate agents are experienced and familiar with the “ins and outs” of the property market. They know why some homes sell quickly or why some properties linger on the market for longer.

Real Estate Selling

But you shouldn’t leave everything to the agent. Whereas a real estate agent helps you sell a home quickly, there are few things you can do to make your real estate agent’s job easier. What are those things? Sometime, a real estate agent may assume you that you already know them or a bit hesitant to tell you. Don’t worry. Here we have listed the things your real estate wishes you to know about the process.

Work on Your Home Staging:

No matter how attractive your home looks, clutter and scattering of the stuff can discourage the potential buyers. So you need to prepare your home for selling by keeping these points in mind…

  • Cleaning
  • Paying attention to smells
  • De-cluttering
  • Repainting the walls
  • Keeping the décor simple
  • Letting the natural light in
  • Getting rid of bulky things like furniture

By implying these things, you end up with a bigger, brighter and beautiful space that is likely to sell.

Give Respect to Your Real Estate Agent:

Give respect to your real estate agent. You have paid them to help you sell a home fast, however this isn’t just their profession, it’s their livelihood too. Remember to stay in touch with him. You shouldn’t force him to schedule according to you as they have other clients and family as well. They also have some obligations to follow. Last but not least don’t ask them to minimize their commission as it is their sole income.

Be Honest with Your Real Estate Agent:

From termite infestation, leaky faucets, to the malfunctioning AC, tell your agent about the flaws in your home. Keeping him in dark or “playing smart” can cost your sale. Even it may dent the agent’s reputation when the potential homebuyer comes to know about such hidden things. Keep in mind that your agent is stood by your side and will provide guidance to fix the flaws in your home.

Don’t Overprice:

You like to get favorable price of your home. But that doesn’t mean you overprice it. Your prospective buyer’s agent will pick up that thing, if a buyer doesn’t catch that. Your property may be used by them as an example to sell another property. For example, they many convinced their clients that the existing property is much cheaper than the last one (which is yours).


Opposite to the popular belief, even a beautiful home can take time to fly off the market the moment it is listed. According to Realtor.com, it takes an average 66 days for a home to be sold as the process includes everything, from showings, inspections to negotiations. Therefore, you shouldn’t force your real estate agent to sell your home as quickly as possible. Instead, have some patience and work with him.

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