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5 Actual Reasons To Sell Your Home In Winters

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December 17th, 2018
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Have you been following a myth that winter might not be the best season to sell your home? Then you need to check out the Zillow’s report which stated an improved 9.6 out of 10 rating and a revised forecast of 8.3% price growth for California.

This means, you really don’t need to wait for‘Spring’ to put your home on sale. Certainly, there are weather conditions which seem likely a culprit for people being less inclined to go looking for homes. But that’s not the only case. These conditions can work in your favor too. Have a sneak peek at some of the reasons to start with the selling process right away:

  1. More committed buyers: Though there will fewer potential buyers in the market, yet those who are looking to buy a home will be more likely to make a purchase. So, it is a clear win-win.
  2. Fewer choices make property desirable: Now just think of yourself as a home buyer. With only a handful of houses available for sale, you will be left with only limited choices. And this increases the odds of successfully selling a home.
  3. You can ask a higher price:This one is connected to the above two. As there is less competition for you, putting forth a high price will not be a problem. In fact, several studies have shown that houses tend to sell at slightly higher than average during colder days.
  4. No yard work required: Generally, to add curb appeal people spend a good amount during the spring and summer months. As the buyers search for beautifully landscaped properties, you need to invest a reasonable amount for the upkeep. But as in winter most of your plants will be dormant, you can skip off the yard work.
  5. Faster selling process: Due to reduced inventory in the winter, you are likely to end with a faster sale. On the contrary, in the spring market is flooded with competition. Buyers will take more time in searching for more number of properties.

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